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Customer Story

Technology in Motion is one of the leading European providers of cranial orthotic treatment and the largest inthe UK. Watch the video below to find out theirexperience with Talee.


Research* shows that more than 3% of infants develop a severe head shape deformity sometimes called flat head syndrome. The orthotic treatment using a helmet is the most effective solution.

Just in Germany, the United Kingdom and France alone, it is estimated that over 65,000 infants develop a very severe head shape deformity every year.

*Deformational plagiocephaly: a follow-up of head shape, parental concern and neurodevelopment at ages 3 and 4 years; B L Hutchison, A W Stewart and E A Mitchell; Archives of Disease in Childhood September 2010.

Stand Out

Talee Cranial Remolding Orthosis is not only functional and comfortable, but sleek and sought after. It gives your clinic a significant competitive advantage.

Patent-pending, revolutionary, bio-responsive design technology has significantly improved the comfort, aesthetics, and treatment efficiency to produce such fantastic results. It has received the prestigious international design award, Red Dot: Best of the Best.

Faster and Simpler Process

With less needs for modifications during treatment, this new process saves significant time in your busy schedule.

There is no need for trim line adjustments, grinding or cutting when all is configured precisely before the helmet is even made. Then our unique padding system makes checkups and volume changes extremely easy.

Powerful Clinical Software

We’ve got you covered with our full clinical software. From generating reports to patients to storing 3D scans and keeping an eye on the treatment progress, our software does is all.

Oh, and the best part? It is free of charge and easy to use!

Based On Experience

Our team has successfully treated over 10,000 infants in 15 countries. We have firsthand experience in the drawbacks of standard cranial remolding orthoses such as bulky size, heavy weight, and thermal discomfort.

With our unique combination of clinical experience and technical strengths, we decided to design the most advanced cranial remolding orthosis and improve all aspects.

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